COVID-19 passport

A COVID-19 passport is required for the time being, depending on how the regional government agency decides. So if necessary, be prepared to show your passports upon arrival and verify your identity if necessary.

We will check the corona passports upon arrival at all events after 5pm. We will not check the corona passports at daytime events which end before 5pm.

Download the COVID certificate from My Kanta Pages

1.    Log into My Kanta Pages from the homepage using your personal means of identification, such as online banking IDs or a mobile certificate.
2.    Select ‘Koronatodistus’ (COVID certificate) from the menu on the left. You will also find a link to the certificate section on the homepage of My Kanta Pages.
3.    Click the pdf link to open the COVID certificate. If you have a certificate, it will open in a new tab.
4.    Save the pdf file to your phone or other device or take a screenshot of it. This way, you have the certificate ready when you need it. You can also print the certificate on paper.