In Finland, the history of the sauna is long. Originally, Finnish saunas were ground pits covered with animal skin.

After World War II, electric and gas-fired stoves became more common to save wood. The Savotta sauna is built in an old smoke sauna, but is now heated by electricity, giving its guests a gentle steam.

Savottasauna, located on the shore of lake Päijänne.

Tilaussaunat ja juhlapaikka Jyväskylä Keski-Suomi

Savotta sauna

In the embrace of lake Päijänne, Savotta-sauna is right by the water. Enjoy the cooling waves of the lake during the summer and experience the thrill of ice water swimming during winter.

  • Sauna seats for c. 12 bathers
  • Showers
  • Dressing room with fireplace
  • Pier with outside terrace
  • Bathroom and a cozy horse stable for socializing next door
  • Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Nature -certificate
  • Fully licensed area

320 e | 2 hours