Family celebrations

We have collected memories from family celebrations at Savutuvan Apaja.

I want to give a warm and heartful thanks on behalf of myself, the graduate, the graduate’s father and everyone else who attended the celebration!

The setting was excellent, food was incredibly tasty and the service was outstanding first contact to the event itself! I can warmly recommend you to other guests as well, private and corporate.

I wish you all a wonderful and warm rest of the summer and beginning autumn.

Sinikka T.

“What a wonderful place and the best possible staff, we will definitely visit again, thank you so much! Warm recommendations.”

Marie O.

“Amazing, picturesque, atmospheric. 5/5

Nooa K.

“Splendid place – magnificent milieu, great food + excellent service. Suitable for corporate and personal friends. Works every time!

Sami K.


Wonderful sightseeing; excellent service and delicious Food….its a MUST visit.

Carlos Xavier P.

Such a wonderful place and staff!

Elina K.

The atmosphere is simply perfect. I’ve tried one of the tastiest Salmon here. Staffs are very kind and friendly. Generally I left with nice memories and it is highly recommended.

Milad M.

“The place is wonderful and the staff is lovely!

Emmi V.

“Unique setting and professional, kind staff. Recommended!”

Kerttu P.

“Atmospheric, wonderful milieu with personality that impresses every time!”

Hanne-Mari M.

“Amazing milieu on the shore of lake Päijänne!”

Pasi H.

“Beautiful, unique and wonderful!”

Emmi K.

“Mahtava paikka, suosittelen. Great place, just to warmly recommend!”

Pirjo K.

“Incredible setting! 17 years in Jyväskylä and I had no clue what kind of place it was. Recommendable to visit.

Sanna J.

“Great milieu. Great food. Friendly staff.”

Kirsi L.

“A wonderful, different kind of place and excellent food.”

Ani T.

“Savutuvan Apaja is a place worth visiting and getting to know – I myself bring friends a long every time it is possible and show them all kinds of traditional ways of living.”

Hannu S.

“No need to explain good.”

Jukka-Tapani P-H.

“Great place and the food is very good. The staff is friendly and professional.”

Jukka-Tapani P-H.

“The food at the graduation was very good, the surroundings are wonderful.”

Päivi K.

“Our son’s baptism was held at Savutuvan Apaja 11 years ago. The event was delicate and beautiful. The staff took good care of us guests. We have spent multiple evenings and pre Christmas parties here with friends from work and personal life. In my opinion, the number 1 place in Finland concerning milieu <3,  food and service. Thank you!”

Helena G.

Underbart personal som arbetar där, maten var så gott an man åt för mycket. Naturen och anläggning var underbart och med en dop i den frusna sjön efter en trevlig bastu gjorde min dag där som en av dem bästa vinterdagar i Jyväskylä. En stor tack till den trevliga personalen.

Carlos D.L.