Wedding FAQ

We have gathered frequently asked questions here to help you plan your day.

Question #1

How much does it cost to organize a wedding and what is included?

Weddings are priced per person, we do not charge rent for the wedding space. The price per person is primarily determined based on the number of guests and the menu of your choice. A personalized quote is always offered.

The price per person does not include possible alcoholic beverages and added services such as table service menu, evening snack or additional hours of service past midnight.

The prices of wedding packages change 2 e | person for every ten adults (over 12 years old) to lower or upper.

The pricing includes

  • A banquet hall for the duration of your wedding day
  • Basic decoration with house ornaments
  • A sparkling wine toast with a non-alcoholic option
  • Buffet dining
  • House tableware
  • Cleaning up the venue
  • Staff services before and during your wedding day
  • Meeting for planning and a time to decorate prior your wedding

During the summer season on Saturdays (May to September) the sales guarantee is 6000 e. The total amount of the wedding must exceed 6000 e. From June to August, Friday’s sales guarantee is 5000 e. At other times the sales guarantee is 2000 e.
For Log Boats, the sales guarantee for afterparties is 1000 e.

Question #2

How many guests can we invite to Savutuvan Apaja?

Our main dining hall, “Kalliosali”, is suitable for up to 120 guests.

Farmer’s hall “Riihi” is divided into two sections and is suitable for up to 70 guests.

Hunter’s cabinet is suitable for 16 guests.

During the summer, the log boats on our shore are a favored space to continue the celebration late into the night and are suitable for up to 120 guests.

Combine the use of our dining halls. In the event of over 120 guests arriving to celebrate your day, the Main hall and the Farmer’s hall can be combined. They are located next to each other and connected by doors that can be opened to combine the two rooms. The Main hall and Farmer’s hall together are suitable for c. 200 guests.

Question #3

Is it possible that Savutuvan Apaja is hosting other events during our wedding?


Multiple events are arranged in a manner that separate groups can enjoy their evening without interference. The agreed dining room is, however, reserved for your private use. All of our rooms have their own entrance and restrooms. We never host two weddings simultaneously.

Question #4

Is it possible to arrange the wedding ceremony at Savutuvan Apaja?

During summer the wedding ceremony can take place on our log boats, on the shore of lake Päijänne. Arrangements cost 250e and include one rehearsal, cleaning and decorating the pier and our staff for the ceremony. Arrangements for the wedding ceremony in the main building costs 50e. In the Main hall the ceremony usually takes place next to our cozy fireplace. It is up to the couple to arrange a priest or registry office representative.

Question #5

How far away is Apaja and how do we get there?

  • By car, only 12km from Jyväskylä city center. By boat, 4km from Jyväskylä city harbor.
  • A local bus route (bus No. 1) stops near Apaja.
  • Even the bigger boats that travel on the lake Päijänne can access the pier of Apaja.
  • Savutuvan Apaja has plenty of free parking space. We still recommend arriving at the wedding party with using shared transportation.

Question #6

Can we bring our own food or order it from elsewhere?

  • We are a private restaurant, all food is provided by us. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible for you to bring some special foods of your own, but only by prior arrangement. For example, cookies made with a secret family recipe or a candy buffet are welcome.
  • Service fee in these is 3 e | person.
  • Please note that the cakes Savutuvan Apaja provides are traditional wedding cakes; cream cake, cheesecake and mousse cake. If you are looking for something a little more special, we recommend you turn to a confectioner. We can also recommend different options.
  • We do not offer take-away after the event.

Question #7

Can we alter the menu?

  • Absolutely. We gladly receive ideas and plan the perfect menu with you.
  • Please note that the cakes Savutuvan Apaja provides are traditional wedding cakes; cream cake, cheesecake and mousse cake. If you are looking for something a little more special, we recommend you turn to a confectioner. We can also recommend different options.

Question #8

Can we bring our own beverages?

  • No. The venue and surrounding outdoor area at Savutuvan Apaja are licensed area. The consumption and possession of your own beverages is prohibited by Finnish law.
  • Our bar is open for the duration of the event. If you’d prefer a specific beverage for your event, ask and we will try to arrange it.

Question #9

Do we get to plan our celebration on site?

  • If you have confirmed your wedding at Savutuvan Apaja, you have the option of one meeting for planning (duration of 1 hour/meeting). Additional meetings 50e/1h.
  • Meetings are booked through our sales. We recommend the meeting to be held after confirming the number of guests to be expected. Further details about meetings are given during the booking process.
  • We hope that all the key people of the wedding party will be present at the meeting, such as bridemaids and bestmen, if necessary mothers and fathers, etc., however, making sure that everyone has information about what is going on in the planning meeting or a clear task for the progress of the decoration, leaving time also for going through the wedding day and clear the details.

Question #10

What does the house decoration include and can we bring our own decorations?

  • Our own table runners.
  • We also provide vases, candle holders and other decorative ornaments.
  • You may bring your own flowers and ornaments.

Question #11

When can we decorate and make the banquet hall ready?

  • We can arrange decoration on the day prior to the wedding if the venue is not reserved by another party. 2 hours are reserved for decoration and a run-through of the wedding day schedule.
  • Please note that your banquet hall may be reserved on the day prior to your wedding. In this case you may decorate the venue during the morning of the wedding day or give details to our staff for decoration. These situations are dealt with individually.
  • On the morning of the wedding, the hands of our staff are reserved for possibly setting the tables, which should be taken into account if the wedding couple and/or bridemaids and bestmen arrive at the party venue earlier. Our staff’s time is no longer reserved for running matters at this point.

Question #12

How about music, microphone etc.?

  • The main hall and Farmer’s hall include monitoring for audio. The main hall is provided with a wireless, handheld microphone.
  • A wired microphone is also available with a separate speaker, for the wedding ceremony for example.
  • A personal computer or smartphone can be connected to the audio system. We recommend you test your equipment prior to the event.
  • The venue is provided with a video projector and a screen.

Question #13

We’ve booked a band, is there enough room to dance at Apaja?

  • Absolutely!
  • The main hall has a small stage for the perfomers with a dance floor in front.
  • At the log boats, the band can play on the outside pier until 22.00. If music is played for longer or at a higher volume, a noise report must be made to the city’s environmental services. The band can play without a noise permit inside the restaurant boat until 01:30. Also at the log boats there is plenty of room for dancing!
    If necessary, we apply for the noise permit and charge the customer.

Question #14

Until what time can the celebration continue?

  • Usually parties can last until midnight (last call 23.30) if you wish you can book couple of extra hours.
  • If you wish to continue the celebration until 02.00 (last call at 01.30) the price is 300e.

Question #15

When do we have to confirm the number of guests arriving?

  • We recommend an RSVP of one month to be included in the wedding invitation. For us, it’s enough that you inform the amount two weeks prior to the wedding.
  • In the case of late cancellation, we accept a 5% drop from the amount confirmed the day before.

Question #16

When do we pay for the wedding?

  • At the time of confirmation we will invoice you with an advance booking fee of 500e. This will be deducted from the final invoice.
  • When invoicing a private individual we check credit information at the time of the advance booking fee.
  • In most cases we send an invoice after the wedding with 14 days of payment time. Please inquire from our sales if you have wishes concerning payment.

Question #17

How can we cancel our reservation?

Listed are common policies concerning cancellation:

  • A confirmed reservation may be cancelled, without additional cost, up to 6 calendar months prior to the event.
  • If the cancellation occurs 6-3 calendar months prior to the event an invoice worth 25% of the entire event will be sent.
  • If the cancellation occurs 3-1calendar months prior to the event an invoice worth 50% of the entire event will be sent.
  • If the cancellation occurs 1-0 calendar months prior to the event an invoice worth 100 % of the entire event will be sent.
  • The price of the entire event is calculated by the number of guests given in the offer. If the wedding package’s menu has not been set, the calculation will include the cheapest menu option.
  • In the case of a cancellation the advance booking fee is not returned.
  • A confirmed reservation must always be cancelled in writing i.e., via e-mail.

Question #18

Do you have a separate space rental?

  • We do not charge rent for the wedding space.
  • If you want to book sauna facilities or Log Boats, we will charge a separate rent for them.

Question #19

What does the sales guarantee mean?

  • The sales guarantee is the minimum charge we will charge you after the wedding.
  • If the prices of the wedding package and other services do not provide the necessary sales guarantee, we will invoice the rest as space rent.
  • The sales guarantee includes the costs of your wedding package and the money spent by your guests at the bar.

Question #20

How much does it cost if the band, a photographer and the priest eats?

  • If the performers, such as a band or speaker, etc., are outsiders, they can be reserved for meals at -50% of the price of the wedding package. In this case, we recommend that performers can pick up food from the same buffet after the wedding guests.
  • An evening snack can also be booked for the band and performers. This goes with a normal charge, but is often smoother due to the band’s schedules.
  • If the photographer is an outsider, he will also eat -50% of the price of the wedding package.
  • The priest eats -50% of the price of the wedding package.

Question #21

Can we come visit the place before our decision?

  • Absolutely! Visits are always arranged separately, so we can ensure that the party facilities are free to tour.
  • Due to private events, you need to pre-reserve the meeting time. You can send a message about the meeting to
  • Approximately 30 minutes is set aside for the visit.
  • Visits are best on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Question #22

We want to offer evening snack, when and how it is served?

  • The evening snack is a voluntary addition to the wedding party
  • The evening snack can be ordered for as many guests as you want, ie it does not have to be ordered for the entire number of guests at the wedding
  • However, the evening snack should be the same for the entire desired amount
  • The evening meal will be served at a convenient time before 23:00 You can find the evening list here

Question #23

Are we bound by a preliminary booking?

No, we are happy to make a preliminary reservation on our calendar for the duration of the offer.

Within this time, the booking must be released or confirmed.

You can also ask for more time for thinking.

Question #24

Can we taste wedding menus before?

We always hold a ‘Makuja ja tunnelmaa’ -event from the beginning of the year in March-April, where the Wedding Menus can be tasted

We do not hold separate wedding tastings

Question #25

Menu selection and special diets

The menu selection must be made no later than two weeks before the wedding day

Apaja’s wedding package also includes a wedding cake. You can also order a wedding cake from elsewhere, and it will lower the price of the wedding package with 2 e | person. An external wedding cake is always agreed separately.

In principle, we serve all the Wedding Menus from a high-quality buffet table, but if you wish to have a Wedding Menu partially served to the tables, we will be happy to help you plan it.

Please indicate any allergies and special diets in the menu choices. In this case, we can plan your wedding menu more suitable for everyone or, if necessary, prepare additional main dishes or more extensive meals for an additional fee.

Question #26

Where can we park?

It is easy for us to get there by boat, bus or car.

There is plenty of free parking space in the yard. In addition, there is a small boat dock at Log Boats if you want to arrive by water. Please always let us know in advance if you are arriving on a cruise on your own or chartered boat.

Vehicles staying overnight in the parking lot or pier are always agreed separately.

Our address is
Opinsaunankiuas 1 | 40820 Haapaniemi

Question #27

Can Thermacell be used on your premises?

  • No. Our restaurant is located on a nature reserved island and we take care of two beehives in our yard, which makes it impossible to use Thermacell or similar insect repellents in the area.
  • Mosquito fumes and insecticides left on the skin can be brought to the wedding party’s and sauna facilities.

Question #28

How long are lost and found items kept?

  • We keep found goods left by our guests and customers for two weeks. Please arrange a pick-up time separately with our sales service or +35814262022
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to post found items.
  • The pick-up for wedding decorations will be arranged separately, and if after the pick-up Apaja still find your decorations, their pick-up will be arranged separately.
  • Otherwise, we will store decorations for two weeks in our premises.