We want to offer every one of our guests an unforgettable experience. More than anything we want our guests to feel welcome as they arrive at Savutuvan Apaja. The fluency in every area of our services complete their visit.

We have collected memories from moments spent at Apaja.
Some of the memories are as freely translated.

“Now that Savutuvan Apaja is familiar to me, I can warmly recommend the venue for large scale corporate events as well.”
Marjo.H, Metsä Group

“There couldn’t have been a better setting for organizing a wedding. Guests arrived from long distances and many of them said the same; they had never been to a more beautiful wedding venue in their lives. “

Apaja Guestbook: weddings

“Beautiful and unique milieu, delicious food, friendly service. Warm recommendations!

Apaja guestbook: family celebrations