Dinners and saunas at summer time

Savutuvan Apaja is a unique place to organize dinner and sauna events. On the island of Haapasaari, a protected natural reserve at the heart of lake Päijänne, Savutuvan Apaja offers a stunningly beautiful setting for our guests.

Our three, unique dining halls are suitable for events from 10 to 200+ guests. In addition to good food and saunas we organize memorable events.

At summer time guests can enjoy our House menus made outdoors.

An outline for the evening

Arrival by water

Begin the evening with a toast.

We recommend cocktails inspired by Finnish summer.

Dinner  at the main building or Outdoor cooking on the shore of lake Päijänne.
Your choice of menus and beverages

Enjoy the Finnish summer at its best! Get the authentic sauna experiences at lakeside saunas.

On towards the warmth of the saunas.

End of the visit

Getting to Savutuvan Apaja

Transportation for smaller and larger groups
Apaja is easily accessible by both car and boat.

Bus services
Matka Mäkelä
Jyväskylä Liikenne

By boat
Päijänne-Risteilyt Hilden


Authentic Finnish tastes

Our kitchen offers a variety of dishes with fresh and local ingredients. We have planned our menus with heart and passion to create an unforgettable experience.


The mellow steam of a lakeside sauna

Our timber built traditional saunas and a smoke sauna are a place of relaxation.
The lakeside setting of our saunas with cozy lounge areas and wooden docks are suitable for up to 70 bathers wishing to enjoy the Finnish nature.

Saunas are from 320 e | 2 hours



Request an offer


Request an offer


39 e | person


10+ guests

Nature Safari Finland Oy

UNESCO World Heritage Site Oravivuori triangulation tower in Korpilahti

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Oravivuori triangulation tower in Korpilahti

  • Trip to Korpilahti Oravivuori on the shore of a lake Päijänne. Visit the World Heritage Site and explore the nature of lake Päijänne. Stories of the local history.
  • Group size 4-16 persons, duration: 4 hours, year round, during the winter time snowshoes are in use. Includes transportation from the Savutuvan Apaja and picnic lunch
  • Price: € 120/person. (VAT 24%)

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Nature Safari Finland Oy

The Petäjävesi Old Church

UNESCO World Heritage Site: Petäjävesi Old Church

  • Visit World heritage Site with the guide of the Church.
  • Group size 4-24 persons, year round, during the winter time reservations 2 weeks before visit.
  • Includes transportation from Savutuvan Apaja,  good lunch and coffee
  • Duration:  5 hours
  • Price: € 120/person.  (Alv24%)
    Includes transportation, good lunch and coffee

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Nature Safari Finland Oy

Exploring Wild Nature

Exploring Wild Nature

There are four national parks in Central Finland to choose from:
A) Pyhä-Häkki in Saarijärvi
B) Etelä-Konnevesi in Konnevesi
C) Leivonmäki in Joutsa
D) Isojärvi in Kuhmoinen

  • A guided tour to the national park and lunch over a campfire or in a high-quality farm restaurant. In
    Konnevesi, in addition to hiking, canoeing or a boat cruise in the waters of the National Park can be included in the trip.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Group size 4-16 persons
  • Price: €300/person. Includes VAT 24%
    The price includes round-trip transportation from Jyväskylä region to the site as well as a camp lunch

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