Father's Day at Jyväskylä 14.11.2021

Father's Day is celebrated at Savutuvan Apaja with a delicious local menu. Book seats for either 11 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. Our Father's Day's table consists of the best ingredients from local farmers and suppliers.

Welcome to enjoy <3

Father’s Day 14.11.2021


Salted pike-perch and salmon (GL, M)
Rye bacon mushroom pie (L)
Local cheese and rhubarb jam (GL, L)
Harvest salad (GL, M)

Main course from the buffet

Elk stew (GL, L)
Lingonberry jam (GL, VG)
Lake fish steaks (L)

Roasted potatoes and roots (GL, VG)
Roasted pumpkin and kale (GL, VG)
Seed glazed beetroots (GL, VG) and Aura-cheese mousse (GL, L)

Warm smoked salmon from Rossin Kala (GL, M)

Fresh baked bread and butter (L)

Apaja’s home brewed non-alcoholic beer (M)

For vegetarians (pre-ordered) 

Apaja’s homemade horse bean balls (VG)
Root hummus (GL, VG)


Finnish mousse and lingonberry (L)
Cloudberry cheesecake (L) and cardamom syrup (GL, VG)
Chocolate caramel cake (GL, M)
Panda chocolates

Coffee and tea

Table settings

First table setting at 11:00
Second table setting at 14:30

Prices and reservations

53 e | person
27 e | children 4-12 years.
Less than 4 years free of charge

Be sure to pre-order to your table either Alcohol-Free Sparkling for 20 e | bottle (normal 25 e | bottle) or Cruse Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine 25 e | bottle (normal 30 e | plo).

The reservation must be made through the online store “Apaja Shop – Isänpäivä 2021”. Prices include a service fee that is non-refundable in the event of cancellation.

The table settings are often sold out, so make sure your booking is on time.

If you have a gift card, make a reservation through tunnelma@savutuvanapaja.fi.

Please note when booking:

  • Less than 4 years the number of guests so that we can consider places for them for table setting as well
  • High chair needs. Please note that our house has a limited number of high chairs
  • Wheelchair space required
  • Possible allergies or vegetarian needs.