Father's Day 12.11.2023

At Savutuvan Apaja, we want to spend a relaxed, unhurried and festive day with you. We'll set the tables full of excellent and delicious flavours on Sunday 12.11.2023 at 11:30 and 14:30. On Father's Day, we will serve the best ingredients from local farms and suppliers, prepared from start to finish at Apaja.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy <3

Menu – Father’s Day 12.11.2023

Venison stew (G, L)
Mashed potatoes with roasted onions and mushrooms (L)
Rustic potatoes (G, VEG)
Root vegetable with honey (G, M)
Carrots and roasted buckwheat (G, VEG)
Baked beetroot and Aura cheese mousse (G, L)

Herb marinated cherry tomatoes (G, L)
Pickled pumpkins (G, VEG)
Red onion and blackcurrant jam (G, VEG)
Lingonberry jam (G, VEG)

Green salad and wild berry vinegrette (G, VEG)
Smoked salmon salad with local salmon (G, M)
Fruity salad with chicken (G, M)

Dessert table

Strawberry cake (L)
Baked cheesecake with caramel and berries (L)
Rocky Road (G, VEG)
Wilhelmina cookies (L)

For vegetarians: Apaya bean and noodle steaks (G, VEG)

Bread selection:
Apaja root bread (VEG)
Crostini (VEG)
Finnish Archipelago bread (VEG)
Apaja’s salted bread (VEG)
Cheese sticks (L)
Seed crisp bread (VEG)
Butter (L)
Hummus (VEG)
Garlic herb cream (G, L)
Cold-smoked salmon tartare with local salmon (G, L)
Roasted onion (VEG)
Bacon crumbles (G, M)
Pesto (G, L)
Fresh tomato salsa (G, VEG)

L = lactose-free, G = gluten-free, M = dairy-free, VEG = vegan

Opening hours

First set at 11:30
Second set at 14:30


53e | adult
27e | 4-12 years
under 4 yrs. free of charge.
Price includes online shop service fee.


Would you prefer to begin the Father’s day with a toast?


Veuve Alban Sparkling Brut, France 37e | plo (norm. 39e | plo)
Non-alcoholic Kuusenkerkkä sparkling wine 35e | plo (norm. 39e | plo).


Reservations must be made via the Apaja online shop ‘Apaja Shop’. Please remember to mention the following in the additional information section:

  • Please indicate the number of children under 4 years and the possible need for a highchair.
  • Please note that we have a limited number of high chairs
  • If you need an accessible place for a wheelchair or rollator, for example
  • If you are in the same group as another group