Pre-Christmas party 2022

It’s a good idea to start planning your Pre-Christmas in time. At Apaja, Pre-Christmas is celebrated for both lunch and dinner times. In addition to dining, the evening also includes saunas, outdoor hot tubs and live music!

Pre-Christmas party at lunchtime

At lunchtime, the atmospheric Pre-Christmas consists of at least a gathering together at the Christmas table and being together!

We also recommend activities such as Evenda‘s X-mas Race or Christmas team racing.

Pre-Christmas party for dinner

A successful Pre-Christmas party is possible by combining sauna moments with smoke sauna or Torppa saunas with outdoor hot tubs with a delicious dinner table. The rest of the evening will be crowned by party bands!

Schedule proposal

18.00 Arrival and  “A Glögi toast”

18.00 Greetings from Apaja
Our staff will welcome your party and present the evening’s menu and wine selections.

18.30 Christmas dinner

20.00 Comedy and live music

22.00  Christmas sauna

Savotta sauna
Torppa saunas with outdoor hot tubs
Smoke sauna
Check out the saunas here.

00.00 The end of the event