Are your Father's Day plans still open?

At Savutuvan Apaja, we want to spend a relaxed, unhurried and festive day with you. We'll set the tables full of excellent and delicious flavours on Sunday 12.11.2023 at 11:30 and 14:30. On Father's Day, we will serve the best ingredients from local farms and suppliers, prepared from start to finish at Apaja.

You are warmly welcome to enjoy <3

Book a delicious and atmospheric Christmas lunch for your company's staff or customers no later than now. Or are you planning a more lively pre Christmas party for the evening?

At Savutuvan Apaja, we organize pre Christmas parties on request for both lunch and dinner time, every day of the week. We help organize an event just like you want or need with a carefully planned menu, possible activities and saunas with outdoor jacuzzis. Each event is held as a private event for your entourage.

By combining the three separate restaurant halls of the main building, the facilities can accommodate up to 200 people's Christmas parties.

Makuja ja tunnelmaa (Flavors and atmosphere) vol5. - the event has been added to the calendar again!
Please book your place in time and get a feel for past or future wedding parties, or just come and enjoy Apaja's atmosphere and good food. The event is open to everyone. Welcome to enjoy the opportunity on Saturday 25 March 2025 from 12 noon.