We will calm down for Christmas and New Year's Eve 23.12.2021-3.1.2022 <3 We are not available by phone during the holiday and we only reply to the most urgent e-mails. We will return to work on Tuesday, January 4, 2022.

A COVID-19 passport is required for the time being, depending on how the regional government agency decides. So if necessary, be prepared to show your passports upon arrival and verify your identity if necessary.

We will check the corona passports upon arrival at all events after 5pm. We will not check the corona passports at daytime events which end before 5pm.

Are you looking for an unique premises for a customer event at the beginning of the year? Book an all-day package from us or arrive after the fair to enjoy your guests ’presence with delicious food, good drinks, saunas and outdoor hot tubs.

Father's Day is celebrated at Savutuvan Apaja with a delicious local menu. Book seats for either 11 a.m. or 2:30 p.m. Our Father's Day's table consists of the best ingredients from local farmers and suppliers.

Welcome to enjoy <3

Would you like to be among the first guests to taste our Menu Rôtisseurs? This unique menu created by our chef de cuisine combines Finnish nature and waters, fields and forests in a wonderful way!

The Concert, designed in collaboration with the Ohjelmatoimsito Kristalli, is accompanied by a three-course dinner and live music. The evening starts with dinner in the main building, where you can book seats with your work team, friends or even your customers. Edu Kettunen and Mika Kuokkanen will perform at the dinner. The evening continues on the shores of Lake Päijänne at old Log Boats when Mika Nuorva performs.

Come and enjoy!

Apaja has been awarded the Rôtisseurs shield on Friday 14.5.2021. This recognition for the restaurant is a sign of the high level of food, ingredients and service.

May Day's tasty Finnish doughnuts and delicious mead from Apaja.

We prepare a very limited batch of Apaja donuts and mead up for sale, so make sure your order is on time.
We sell donuts and mead in sets that contain six of donuts and 1litre of mead.

Savutuvan Apaja's Mother’s Day menu has been put together in a festive style, respecting the wonderful combinations of flavors in take away menu. The menu includes the salmon from Rossin Kala, both as a main course and in side dishes, and in the familiar way we include finishing instructions for each order, so you can finish the tastes at home as good as when enjoyed on Apaja.

At Easter, you can enjoy Savutuvan Apaja's delicious menu. The menu is made from the best ingredients from Central Finland, prepared from the beginning to the end at Savutuvan Apaja.

Remember to order take away menu before Mon 29.3. 12:00 <3