Gala menu Autumn Harvest


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Gala menu Autumn Harvest (Sato)

This menus main course pig is produced  at Pohjosaho Farm, Laukaa. Farm has produced high-quality pork already from 1988. This menu is versatile and festive entity where we have high-quality details and delicious tastes. This menus vendice comes from Central Finland, in most cases from Päijänne or Keitele. Smoked salmon is delivered from Rossin kala, Laukaa and our grav pike perh is caught from Keurusselkä.


Lightly smoked pork fillet
Creamy pepper sauce
Apajas red pepper jam

Rustic potatoes
Roasted parsnip and root
Beetroot – goat cheese casserole
Caramelized brussels sprout and peanuts

Smoked vendice and garlic crème
Cold smoked salmon
Gin grav pike perch

Green salad
Apajas salad dressing
Local cheese, arugula and rhubarb vinegrette
Honey marinated red onion and garlic

Root baked bread and herb dusted butter

Apajas dessert cake*
Coffee and tea

*From our selection: cream cakes, mousse- and cheesecakes; with berries, fruits or chocolate